Upcoming Concert Series

Spring 2024: to be announced

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Concert Archive

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Fall 2023: "A Life in Song" (video, poster)

Spring 2023: "The Journey Home" (video, poster)

Fall 2022: "Sunrise, Sunset" (video, poster)

Spring 2022: "Words of Wisdom" (video, poster)

Fall 2021: "Always Something Sings" (video, poster or program)

Summer 2021: "Summer Fun" (download poster)

Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021: cancelled

Fall 2019: "A Time for Dancing" (download program)

Spring 2019: "Broadway: Changing the World, One Song at a Time" (download program or download poster)

Fall 2018: "Mass Potpourri" (download poster)

Spring 2018: "By Request" (download poster

Fall 2017: "Made in America" (download poster)

Spring 2017: "Cool Water" (download poster or download program)

Fall 2016: "Bach to Bach" (download poster or download program)

Spring 2016: "A-B-C, 1,2,3" (download poster)

Fall 2015: "Modern Contemporary Choral Giants" (download poster)

Spring 2015: "Endless Night" (download poster)

Fall 2014: "It Ain't Over 'Til the Prairie Arts Chorale Sings! Presenting Opera Songs You Didn't Know You Knew" (download poster)

Spring 2014: "Seasons of Love" (download poster)

Fall 2013: "For the Sake of the Children" (download poster)

Spring 2013: "It Takes Two" (download poster)

Fall 2012: "Masterworks Montage" (download poster)

Spring 2012: "Jazz Standards" (download poster)

Fall 2011: "Celestial Songs and Carols for Choir" (download poster)

Spring 2011: "Broadway... Here and Now!" (download poster)

Fall 2010: "Our Hit Parade: 30 Years of Chorale Favorites" (download poster)

Spring 2010: "Island Magic" (download poster)

Fall 2009: "I Will Sing With the Spirit" (download poster)

Spring 2009: "Voices of the 60's: A Magical Musical Tour" (download poster)

Fall 2008: "Slice of Minnesota: a Musical 150th Birthday Celebration" (download poster)

Spring 2008: "Come To The Fair!" (download poster)

Fall 2007: "Messiah: Selections from Handel's Most Famous Oratorio" (download poster)

Spring 2007: "See the USA...: An American Soundscape"

Fall 2006: "Mozart: A 250th Birthday Celebration"

Spring 2006: "All That Jazz" (download poster, audio)

Fall 2005: "Bernstein and Lloyd Webber: Classic Music Theatre"

Spring 2005: "Twenty-Five Years of Chorale Favorites" (download poster, audio)

Fall 2004: "Bach to Mendelssohn: The Leipzig Connection" (download poster, audio)

Spring 2004: "I Got Gershwin!" (photos)

Fall 2003: "From the Cathedral to the Fields"

Spring 2003: "A Musical Garden Party"